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Technology and innovation

In Dopec we take the future very seriously, thus we are constantly evolving by implementing state-of-the-art technology in our team to be a reference in the field of engineering projects and architecture. Below are some of our technological tools:

BIM Methodology (Building Information Modeling)

BIM supposes the evolution of traditional design systems based on the plan, incorporating geometric information (3D), time (4D), cost (5D), environment (6D) and maintenance (7D). The use of BIM goes beyond the design phases, covering the execution of the project and extending throughout the life cycle of the building, allowing its management and reducing costs.

Dopec is leader in this technology and incorporates professionals dedicated to this methodology to its team.


Higher quality

All the BIM resources we use improve the control of the project by our technicians, making our technicians more decisive and efficient.


Maximum precision

The system used in Dopec provides high quality projects with real precision, which is translated into an optimal project resolution.


Best organization

BIM implementation is a reality in the field of architecture and engineering as it represents an improvement in production and limits its risks.

Photorealistic rendering

We understand rendering and videorendering production not only as an advanced display of the final result but also as a tool for working in all phases of the project. Through the most advanced programs on the market (render, videorender, 360º, real time, virtual reality...) we offer and use the photorealistic visualizations to have a reliable vision that will complement the project at any time.

3D Laser Scanner

We use the 3D laser scanning as a complement to topographic survey works. In this way, it is possible to represent and draw much of the scanned elements and obtain reliable information that is shown and complemented by the graphic documentation.

Digital twin

Construction site cameras 

We offer the installation of web cams to track "on line" the actual progress of the works and create "timelapses" at the end of them. In this way we can track and control in real time having a video and images record at any time of the work.

Thermal photography

There are numerous projects made in Dopec that imply strict control of the climatological and thermal properties of specific areas. That's why thermal photography is a tool that is widely used by our technicians in those rooms or buildings where the thermal requirement is a priority for the client, allowing us to reinforce the points of thermal leakage in situ.


Building monitoring

Instrumentation and auscultation techniques of buildings allows us to monitor and control rigorously the evolution of the site during works that imply a degree of difficulty with the environment. We use these techniques to perform a proactive and constant reading data that allows us to execute the works safely for the adjacent constructions.

Study of paths using audiovisual tools

We use the most advanced audiovisual techniques to have a faithful vision of the projects. In the case of road studies, audiovisual monitoring allows us to access easily to the desired place at any time and have a broader vision than the one offered only by photography.

360º Photography

360º photographs from different points of the work and with a certain periodicity allows careful and updated control of the different phases and their evolution, with the ability to analyze and evaluate its progress.

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