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Our work methodology focuses on ensuring quality in the project development and works management. At Dopec, we are committed to a strategy aimed at the development of new tools, services and products, through the generation, incorporation and adaptation of technologies based on systematic work that implies understanding change as an opportunity for improvement.


Integral Projects

The working methodology of our team allows a careful development of the projects covering all its phases. Along with extensive experience in designing and drafting projects, we guarantee accuracy in the cost assessment minimizing risks.


Technical Studies

We have a large amalgam of skilled and qualified technicians who, with their experience and the most advanced software tools, give Dopec an optimal technical structure to make different technical studies in all the areas we provide.


Project Management

Dopec stands out for having a valuable experience in control and direction of any type of project, being proactive and resolute from its beginnings, and motivated by the new challenges of complex and innovative projects that require high added value solutions.


Feasibility Studies

Based on the analysis of the current situation and an accurate study of the needs, objectives and possible alternatives, and thanks to the joint work of the different areas of engineering and architecture of the company, Dopec performs all types of feasibility studies.


Construction Management

Dopec has extensive experience in management of both engineering and architecture projects. We apply innovative technological systems to management ensuring the correct execution of the work within the criteria of security, sustainability, efficiency and fulfillment of times.


Delegated Promotion

Delegated promotion is for us a necessity to satisfy, a client's desire or dream that also happens to be ours. For this reason, our will is to offer the best solution considering factors that affect our client's interests and foreseeing their possible future needs.

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