Board of directors

Norbert Torres Pugès

Civil Engineer

Founding partner of DOPEC, he has developed his entire professional career of more than thirty years in the world of consulting and construction.

Expert in urban planning, urbanization and building, he has been the responsible for the economic management of the company, as well as for its initial technical and human growth.

Its capacity for long-term vision has allowed a sustained growth of the company, marking the strategic line and defining business policies.

His eagerness to generate an innovative culture within the company has allowed DOPEC to adapt to new challenges, implementing new ideas and new working methods and tools.

Albert Casajuana Palet

Civil Engineer

Founding partner of DOPEC, his professional career of more than thirty years has been developed exclusively in the civil engineering sector.

Specialist in hydraulic, environmental and urban development engineering, he has been responsible for the growth and maintenance of the company's human team since 2000.

His extensive engineering knowledge, as well as the various companies and administrations that operate, has positioned DOPEC among the leading companies in its field.

He has been a board member of the association of engineering and architecture companies, and of the association of environmental consulting companies; maintaining constant contact with them and working together with the administrations to improve the sector.

 Rafael Tejada Ramírez


Partner of DOPEC since 2018, he has worked in the company for more than twenty years as head of construction projects, whether residential, equipment or industrial.

Deep connoisseur of the world of architecture and urban planning, he is responsible for the planning and technical monitoring of the company's different contracts.

His global and practical vision of the construction process from the initial ideas of the project to the completion of the material execution of the work endows DOPEC's construction works with solid solvency.

Knowing the interests of the different interlocutors in the sector and with a high level of demand for the work carried out, guarantees an optimal final result of the work carried out.

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